How To Buy American General Life Insurance


As part of the Commercial Service Contract (CSC) and Employee Benefits for Health Care Providers agreement, American General Life Insurance agents are required to deliver one of two services: disability income or settlement income. According to the Insurance Code of Washington, life insurers may require all insurance agents to offer these two types of services to their customers who have reached the age of 65 or higher. This requirement was created in order to help alleviate the economic hardships experienced by those individuals who have retired from work and are unable to continue contributing to the family’s finances. The primary reason that disability income is required of agents, according to the Insurance Code of Washington, is to provide the insured individuals with consistent monthly income during their disability; disability income can also help to supplement the other income provided to these individuals and it can help offset the costs associated with medical treatments that might be required in the future.Click Here –

American General Life Insurance Agents in Canada

There is yet another stipulation placed on American General life insurance agents. In order to retain their license to sell policies in Washington State, life insurance agents are required to complete an approved Continuing Education Program (CEP) within three months of the expiration of their current license. If the life insurance agent fails to complete this CEP within the three-month time period, they are required to surrender their license to sell policies in Washington State. Failure to surrender the license within this time period can result in the suspension of their license to sell policies in Washington State.

There are a large number of individuals who use the telephone to make inquiries about annuities and the policies offered by American General Life Insurance Company. Because of the large number of individuals who use the telephone to obtain information about annuities and policies, many life insurance agents find themselves having to turn potential inquiries down because they do not have a fax-to-fax machine with which to process the insurance application. Because of this, agents are required to have access to a fax machine at their work location. Faxes are processed via email or by hand. Many life insurance agents are now using new technology that allows them to process applications over the Internet, which eliminates the need to physically print out forms.