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If you are an android fan like myself, you are probably looking for the Best Mobile Games Online. I have been an android phone holder for a few years now and I really like the device since I can view my games and applications anywhere I go. I also like being able to get instant updates on the latest news and android devices as well as new apps. But what if you don’t have an android phone or don’t use the internet much? In this Video I’ll be showing you the Best Mobile Games Online/ Offline, which aren’t actually the best but are very good. This link –

Best Mobile Games Online: The Samurai Way

Introduction: (Full Description) FPS Games: These Free Mobile Games Offline/Online offer a great alternative to shooting games. They’re popular and easy to pick up, plus they provide some of the best visuals on the mobile platform. FPS stands for first person shooter, and if your into military stuff, then these are for you. Here’s a full list of the 5 Best Mobile Games Online: FPS Games (aka: First Person Shooter) ( Complete Description) you play for only a few minutes at a time, you’ll be hooked. My favorite strategy games to play with friends and family are: Age of Empire, Fall of Rome and Napoleon Bonaparte, all of them have an addictive core mechanic and the graphics are nice and colorful too.