Gutter Cleaing and Maintenance


All of us who do any sort of Gutter Cleaning know that regularly cleaning the gutters is an absolute pain. But your clogged gutters could mean some very bad news for your home. Damage to shingles, structural roofing water build up and even moisture build-up can begin to affect much more than just the external surfaces of your house. When you fail to keep up with the regular maintenance then your gutters are bound to rot sooner or later and there could be nothing left to save besides getting rid of the clog!

The Ugly Truth About Guaranteed Gutter Cleaning

If you have a large accumulation of debris in your gutter, it is advisable to use Guaranteed Gutter Cleaning tools such as pressure washers to remove it. Using water from a pressure washer along with the power of a ladder can help remove the most stubborn build-up without using any chemicals. Always make sure you have secured yourself with a ladder and the right equipment before attempting this task, as using the wrong equipment can cause some major damage. It is also important to secure any ladders you may be using to the ground and only use them when you are certain that the surface is level and free of debris. If you are unsure, then simply back away a few inches and move the ladder as little as possible while you clean the obstruction.

Gutter cleaning can often be carried out without using any type of protective gear but there are instances where protection is needed. In the case of extremely heavy downspouts, for example, you are going to need some form of safety harness to prevent yourself from being thrown to the ground. You should also wear goggles so that you don’t end up getting any eyes or nosebleeds from the cleaning chemicals splashing around. Always carry a fire extinguisher in case of any problems, as it can help save lives. The best thing to do is if nothing seems to be working, to call a professional Gutter Cleaning service to get your gutter systems cleaned thoroughly and safely. Although it can be an intimidating task, if you are willing to follow the steps mentioned above, then you can have your gutters looking great again without having to spend hours doing it yourself.