Are Aquarius and Cancers Compatible?


If you’re considering getting married and you’re wondering are Aquarius and Cancers compatible, then read on. This compatibility is characterized by an intense shared need to please and take care of your partner. While both of these signs are emotional, Aquarians may find it difficult to express their feelings and may vent their frustrations and anger towards their partners. Although the compatibility between these two signs is excellent, it isn’t without its challenges.

How to Know – What Are Aquarius and Cancers Compatible?

First of all, remember that Cancers are more suited to relationships that involve affection and nurturing. As a sign of the water element, they prefer a more intellectual and open-minded partner. This type of relationship may not be as fulfilling as a more intense and passionate relationship. In general, Aquarians are more apt to initiate romance, while Cancers prefer to take the initiative. Nevertheless, a relationship between a Cancer and Aquarian is a great match.

The key difference between Aquarius and Cancers lies in the way that both are emotionally involved. Cancers tend to want a more committed and emotional bond. However, they do not do well with a partner who is overly demanding. A partner with a more extroverted personality will be more apt to appreciate the humor of an Aquarian. They will appreciate your sensitivity, but they will likely find your humor a little too much.