Chiropractic Staffing – Recruiting, Screening, Hiring, and Retaining Chiropractic Associates



Recruiting, screening, hiring, and retaining the right staff is critical for your chiropractic practice. The wrong associate can cost you $100,000 or more in lost production, hard costs, and time. The right associate can be a $1,000,000+ benefit to your practice over their career. Hiring the right CA isn’t just about responding to an ad with a pulse and license, it’s about finding someone who culturally fits your practice and team.This link

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A chiropractic medical assistant works closely with chiropractors and helps to keep patients safe and comfortable during treatment sessions. Typically, they will assist with patient consultations by reviewing health and medical histories and questioning patients. They also help with procedures by recording them and measuring vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure. Other duties include cleaning & preparing rooms, restocking supplies and ensuring that records are up to date. A medical assistant should have excellent computer skills as they will often use the computer for scheduling appointments and recording procedures. Some states require a certification for medical assistants and others require a licensure to work in the field.

A staffing agency can be a great resource for chiropractors looking to hire the perfect medical assistants and associates. Staffing agencies understand the unique challenges of hiring in the healthcare industry and are equipped with compliant, effective tools to help you find the best candidates. They will send you notifications when new jobs that match your requirements are posted. Registering with a staffing agency is free, and they will take your preferences, education and experience into consideration when matching you with a job.

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