What Are the Programs and Activities at the Auburn Childcare Centre?


auburn childcare centre

The Auburn childcare centres are located in the centre of Scotland, at Plockton, East Ayrshire. This centre is fully licensed and accredited to provide education, care and support for babies, toddlers and their families. They also offer a variety of classes for young children and teach the fundamentals of nutrition and health care. The centre offers a number of different types of programs and activities for children and parents and all ages.

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The centre’s main playground has a total of 9 playground equipment to choose from. There are also a couple of climbing frames and a swing and a trampoline available for use by the children. All of the equipment can be booked online and it is very easy to reserve these items online and to get an added discount on them.


All of the schools are fully equipped to educate a child. They offer the latest academic standards and they ensure that a child grows up well. When you visit the centre you will find a number of classrooms as well as a play room and a conference room. All of these areas have cubicles and work stations, so you won’t have a problem with that. All of the children participate in the centre’s physical education programs and they have a choice of getting elective classes or their normal classes.

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