The Canadian Cannabis Storefront


Canadian Cannabis Storefront

The Canadian Cannabis Storefront

Canadian Cannabis Storefront legal cannabis industry is still in its early stages, but real brands and franchises are starting to emerge. The key challenge for retail stores is how to find a great location that meets myriad requirements and limits set by both the province and municipality. PiinPoint can help with that by analyzing zoning rules, school proximity, and more to identify the best possible locations for your cannabis store.

While overall sales are on the rise, the success of individual stores is still a matter of luck and timing. Some retailers have been hit by a shortage of products, price caps, and supply chain challenges while others are making smart business decisions that will pay off in the long run.

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One example is Superette, an award-winning retail experience that was inspired by a local food market or convenience store and won a 2020 Clio Award. Its Summerhill, Ottawa storefront is designed with diner-style tables and a counter that looks like a deli or bakery, and it has a streamlined process to serve customers. Its budtenders are trained to answer any questions, and the store is equipped with interactive displays that let consumers learn more about the product they’re buying.

The experience also adds a fun element with claw machines and distorted mirrors to create an atmosphere that is “fun, friendly and familiar.” Munro says they want to be more than just a transactional business and focus on building brand loyalty through experiential marketing.…