Animal Wellness Spoton Dog Collar Review


If you want to keep your dog from entering a pool or playing in a poison ivy patch, or you just need to know where they are while you’re out on an adventure, Animal Wellness Spoton Dog Collar is the perfect option. Designed by a team of pet-product experts who also make night vision goggles for the military, this wireless GPS dog collar allows you to set up “keep out” zones, tracks their location, and provides a safe space for them to play without the worry of them running into something dangerous.

Is SpotOn dog collar waterproof?

The SpotOn GPS dog collar is easy to set up and use. It comes with a manual that explains how to fit it on your pup, link it to the app, and start creating fences. This will take a bit of time, as the collar must charge before it can be used (which takes about two hours). Once it’s charged, you’re ready to get started.

You’ll be able to create multiple fences using the same collar, which is helpful if you’re traveling or visiting different areas. The app will remember all of them and the collar will emit beeps or produce static correction feedback (if enabled) when your pup reaches the boundaries.

Like all GPS dog fences, you’ll need to spend some time training your dog to understand the sounds of the collar and when to turn around. If you’re unsure how to do this, SpotOn offers resources and training plans that can help you.

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