Benefits of Industrial Gates


Industrial gates play a crucial role in the security of business premises and are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to suit different sites. They are used at loading docks, warehouses and critical infrastructure facilities to prevent unauthorized access or the theft of valuable cargo. This article will explore the benefits of industrial gates and answer common questions about them.

What are the best types of industrial gates?

There are many types of industrial gates, from standard swing to high-security self-closing options. When choosing the type of gate to install, consider the level of security you need, what traffic volume the gate will be subject to and any specific accessibility requirements.

Choosing a gate that meets a specific safety standard is essential, as gates can prevent workers from falling off rooftops or into indoor spaces they shouldn’t be in. It’s also important to have a gate that is corrosion-resistant, as this will protect against damage from the elements and prolong its lifespan.

A high-quality gate will have a low operational cost and be easy to maintain. It should be tested regularly to make sure it is functioning correctly, and that any safety features are working as intended.

An experienced supplier of industrial gates will provide detailed product specifications and guidance on installation. This includes information on power or actuation method, height and width. It will also outline any additional security measures that may be required. For example, remote controls are a convenient option that allows authorised individuals to open and close gates from a distance. Token acceptors are another solution that reduces the risk of unauthorised access by allowing only those with valid tokens to enter.

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