Bodybuilding Elastic – The Ideal Accessory For Bodyweight Workouts


Bodybuilding elastic – the ideal accessory for bodyweight workouts

Since élastique de musculation was closed during lockdowns in 2020, resistance bands have increased in popularity. Many athletes have tested them and have come to the same conclusion that scientific studies have already proven: elastic bands are as effective as bodybuilding machines or free weights when it comes to building muscle (9).

They provide linear variable resistance — meaning that as you go through a movement, the elastic tubing or band becomes longer (and therefore tighter) which provides more resistance, forcing you to recruit more muscles. As a result, elastic bands help you achieve more repetitions when training the same group of muscles and are particularly beneficial for strengthening smaller joints and groups of muscles such as your rotator cuff and upper back (12).

The Power of Elastic Bodybuilding Bands: How to Incorporate Resistance Bands into Your Workout Routine

One of the biggest benefits of using resistance or elastic bands is that they can help to make movements easier to perform, which makes them perfect for beginners. They also help to build muscle strength and endurance over time. They are easy to use, comfortable on your joints and provide a full-body workout.

The elasticity of the elastic tubing or band also allows you to change the emphasis placed on certain muscles during exercises. For example, by placing more stress on the quadriceps during a standing squat or changing the direction of the elastic band to place more stress on your hamstrings during a stepping exercise. This can be useful for people who want to strengthen specific muscles for aesthetic reasons or for sports competition or injury prevention (10).

Finally, elastic resistance equipment is inexpensive compared to free weights and they are easily transportable and take up little space in your home. They are also perfect for travelling or working out when the gym is closed.

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