Breathwork Training – A Transformational Tool For Coaches, Teachers and Healers


Breathwork Training is a transformational tool that coaches, teachers and healers can integrate into their work with clients and students. It is simple yet powerful and helps them delve deeper into the client’s emotional landscape and facilitate profound health shifts in their bodies. Go here

For some people, breathing exercises can be used to rewire the brain and release deep-rooted trauma that has been stored in their subconscious for years. It is also an opportunity for people to learn to be kinder to themselves, access personal forgiveness, weed out toxic patterns and harmful behaviors, and see themselves through a lens of self-compassion.

The Science Behind Breathwork: How It Works and Why It’s Effective

A recent meta-analysis found that breathwork was associated with lower levels of stress, and that the effects were sustained over time. There was a medium effect size with moderate heterogeneity, which suggests that breathwork is an effective technique to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

It is important to find a certified breathwork practitioner who has the right blend of knowledge and skills to be able to guide students and clients through the breathwork process. In addition to being skilled at breathwork, it is necessary for trainers to understand the psychology of the process and have a thorough understanding of how it can be applied in the real world with their clients and students. This includes being able to identify when a client or student needs support from a therapist or specialist in order to help them reach their goals and achieve maximum benefit.

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