Building a PBN With a List of PBN Domains


You can build a PBN with a free list of PBN domains, but you will need to register them on your own. This is a bad idea, since you have to manually check backlinks. Besides, you will be limited to DA19 domains. Although not the strongest, this may not be a big deal for you. Just make sure you choose a domain that is worth purchasing.

Get Rid Of Building A Pbn With A List Of Pbn Domains For Good

pbn domain

The first word in a PBN is private, so if you can use that for your website, you’re in business. You should use a PBN domain with the first word “private”. Google does not like these types of domains because they’re not affiliated with the owner. You’ll need to make sure that the sites look completely independent and don’t link to each other. This can be tricky, but it can be done.

A good PBN domain should point to your money site. The domain should have an authoritative domain that has expired. Using a registrar with a C block that has several expired domains is also a good way to get more traffic. When purchasing a PBN, consider whether the domain is a good fit. It should be easy to buy, and you can always add awesome domains later. The key is to start with one that you think will do well.

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