Creating a Social Marketing 90-Day Plan


The social media landscape has evolved beyond the traditional offline channels of television, radio and newspaper advertising. It has become a powerful tool for marketers, enabling them to connect directly with consumers, collect valuable consumer data and evaluate performance metrics more thoroughly than ever before. This has transformed marketing departments from a collection of siloed functions into a collaborative team that helps shape the company’s voice and brand, creates valuable content for audiences, finds new opportunities and builds relationships with the media and industry leaders.Learn more:

In the world of social media, consistency is key. Changing tactics frequently can be detrimental to your brand, and it can cause you to lose momentum and trust with customers. Creating a 90-day marketing plan can help you stay focused, on track and make measurable progress.

Day 1-30

During the first 30 days of your 90-day marketing plan, you’ll want to conduct market analysis and competitor research, identify audience insights and begin planning to achieve your goals. This will set the stage for future growth, including content scaling and experimenting with platform features.

During this time it’s also important to secure the funds necessary to implement tools that will support your broader marketing strategy. This will help prevent delays in the future and ensure that you have the resources necessary to effectively manage your team and meet your goals.

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