Da Nang City Guide


nang city

Da Nang is a city with a tropical monsoon climate, which means that the temperature is relatively constant and does not fluctuate much. Its seasons include two distinct phases: a dry season from January to September and a wet season from October to December. The hottest months of the year are June and July, with average temperatures of 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. The coolest months are from December to February, with temperatures ranging between 18 and 23 degrees.

Da Nang Is A City With A Tropical Monsoon Climate

There are several places worth visiting in and around Da Nang. For instance, the beautiful Non Nuoc Beach is just 20 minutes from the city center and offers plenty of leisure activities, including surfing. In April and September, this beach has a calm, flat, and safe wave. It also offers stunning views of the coastline and surrounding limestone caves.

Da nang city has a limited public transportation system, but most tourists use their small motorbikes to get around town. Local drivers are friendly and follow traffic laws, and the streets are well maintained. Bicycles and walking are also convenient options, and taxis are widely available. Ride-hailing services are also available for fixed fares.

When looking for a place to stay, Da Nang offers several options, ranging from beachfront accommodations to luxury condos. An inexpensive beachfront apartment can cost around $300 per month. If you’re in the market for a more permanent residence, consider buying a condominium. The price range begins at less than $100,000.

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