Georgia Man Receives Final Paycheck in Coins


A Georgia man said his previous business owed him a chunk of change, $915 to be accurate, subsequent to find employment elsewhere in November.

Yet, Andreas Flaten said he was stunned to see his last installment: 90,000 oil or oil-covered pennies, toward the finish of his carport recently, media sources revealed. On the heap was an envelope with Flaten’s last paystub and an express splitting message.

“This is something immature to do,” Flaten said.

Flaten said he found employment elsewhere at Peachtree City’s An OK Walker Autoworks in November. He said he was owed the last check and experienced issues getting it, in any event, going to the Georgia Department of Labor to get help.

In mid-March, Flaten said as he went out with his sweetheart he saw the heap toward the finish of his carport. He said the pennies were covered with a type of sleek substance.

Presently his daily standard comprises of cleaning the pennies so he can trade them out. He said it took him about 90 minutes to clear off a few hundred.

“I believe that will be a ton of work for cash I’ve effectively worked for,” he said. It’s very not reasonable by any means.”

The proprietor of the shop, Miles Walker, talked with WGCL-TV momentarily, expressing he couldn’t say whether he did or didn’t drop the pennies off at Flaten’s home.

“I don’t actually recall,” Walker told the television slot. “It doesn’t make any difference he got paid, that is the only thing that is important.”

Walker proceeded to consider Flaten a “weenie.”

Flaten’s sweetheart, Olivia Oxley, said she trusts her beau’s story reveals insight into how individuals “are dealt with so inadequately by their managers.”

She said the pair have quit being furious and are taking a gander at the negligible demonstration in a positive light.

“With that numerous pennies, we will undoubtedly track down a couple of fortunes. I’ve effectively discovered one from 1937,” Oxley said. “After the principal scoop full, the best anyone could hope for at that point was to giggle since this poor hopeless man set aside such a lot of effort to be malignant and barbarous. We totally would not allow him to destroy a solitary snapshot of our own.”

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