Hormone Replacement Therapy In The UK – What Does It Entail?


Testosterone replacement therapy UK

A lot of men in the UK are turning to testosterone replacement therapy as a method to treat their low levels of this male hormone. This is because it has been found that about one-third of men of a certain age may have a deficiency of the hormone in their bodies. As we age, the levels of this particular hormone decrease gradually but some people may not feel that they are affected until they get to around fifty years of age. There are some men who experience testosterone deficiency due to certain diseases or genetic disorders and they might need hormone replacement therapy to raise these levels.

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Before starting testosterone replacement therapy in the UK, you must consult a doctor so that he can advise you about whether it is suitable for you or not. If your doctor says that it would be okay for you to start the treatment, he may ask you for some information like your medical history and then inform you about the side effects that could occur during the course of the treatment. Some men might have an allergic reaction to one or two components of the treatment, while some may have milder reactions to some of the substances used in the process. You should also be warned about possible risks that you might encounter when you start the treatment like erectile dysfunction, impotence and increased levels of blood pressure.


Testosterone replacement is usually carried out by injections and this has to be scheduled for every four weeks. You must remember that this process has to be repeated at least once or twice within a year, depending on your body’s requirements. This could also lead to the increase of hair growth in men, though this will go away after a while.

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