IPQS Email Verification Software


IPQS email verification software

Email verification software helps marketers, sales teams, and other stakeholders clean, verify, and validate bulk lists of emails for improving ROI data, reducing bounces, phishing, and spam rates. The top email address validation tools come with various functions such as domain and SMTP verification, disposable email cleaner, duplicate remover, syntax verification, and more. They offer API access and can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with other marketing automation tools. Depending on the business size, internal data hygiene, and needs, different products may fit the requirements.

IPQS email verification software offers a comprehensive set of features for fraud protection to help businesses block high risk users and stop fraud in its tracks. The platform uses state-of-the-art technology and fresh, reliable data to detect fake & abusive users, stop payments, and eliminate fraudulent devices (emulation & bots). Businesses in the eCommerce industry can benefit from this fraud detection tool that can prevent chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.

Reliable Email Validation: How IPQS Email Verification Software Ensures Deliverability and Data Quality

The company offers a range of plans to suit all business sizes and budgets, with free plans that provide basic validation & cleaning features and paid plans that include advanced capabilities such as decay protection & more. Its enterprise-level plan includes a suite of advanced digital protection features such as fraud fusion and dark data intelligence to help businesses block high risk users, stop transactions, and eliminate click fraud, among others.

Its data enrichment features enable users to get a deeper understanding of the email addresses they are validating, including their domains, MX records, and other relevant information. Moreover, it has an intuitive dashboard where users can view email verification results, identify erroneous data points, and correct them.

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