Julian Brand


Julian Brand is a famous San Francisco writer. His novels weave together various strands of his adult life, and they are always funny. One of his most popular works, The Secret, was made into a motion picture by the Disney Company and starred Michael Douglas and Mickey Mouse. Julian Brand’s novel The Man Who Invented Everything is a fascinating look at the man behind the creation of the world. It’s full of funny anecdotes, and it’s also a great primer on what it took to come up with such revolutionary ideas as electric light bulbs. You’ll find a lot of this same kind of humor in Julian Brand’s newer books, including Gods of Eden and The Best Laid Plans.

A Writer For Hire

Julian Brand’s mother had passed on, and he was raised by his grandmother, Anna. At the age of twelve, Julian was arrested for the third time (this time for assault), and spent two years in jail. It was while in prison that Brand really began to write. He claims that he was no longer scared of the dark, but rather of the light.

While in jail, Brand wrote a lot of short stories that were turned into fantastic movies. One movie that came out of this period was called The Client. Julian Brand would later go on to write other fantastic works, such as The Heartbreak Kid. Some of his most well-known works include A Few Good Men and We Are Forever. All of his work has been well received, and many critics describe his work as classy, sophisticated, and considered relevant.

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