Multi-Use Games Area


multiuse games area

A multi-use games area (MUGA) is a specialised sporting space that offers a wide range of sports in one location. They are ideal for schools, community centres and housing association centres with limited space.

MUGAs are constructed with an artificial surface that can support a number of different sports. This type of surfacing allows the facility to be used all year round, as it will not flood or become muddy like normal grass. The surfacing also offers safety and durability for all users.

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The MUGA can be designed to suit the sport requirements of the school or community and can include football, hockey, netball and basketball with appropriate line markings. The surfaces can be either standard macadam, polymeric surfacing or sand dressed synthetic turf (with shockpad) and all are designed to offer a high level of grip, good ball rebound and allow for free drainage.

Community multi-use games areas bring a sense of unity to the neighbourhood and encourage exercise amongst children and adults alike. They also promote health and wellbeing through the promotion of social interaction, and a healthy lifestyle.

Teenagers are often seen hanging out at the MUGA and this is very important in helping them to form healthier friendships, relationships and build resilience. Often teenagers spend their time in front of a screen and do not interact with each other, so the MUGA provides a space where they can connect and play friendly matches against friends.

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