Partial Balayage on Dark Hair


A partial balayage on dark hair is great because it creates a soft and subtle transition allowing you to maintain a large portion of your tresses natural. Since it does not require the same level of maintenance and frequent visits to the stylist, you are free to experiment and change things up daily, and often. Balayage highlights the face and chin in straight, thinning hair, and creates soft ringlets and wispy layers all throughout your head. When done properly, there is no need for constant maintenance. In fact, you should be able to wash and rinse your hair several times a week without having to go through excessive stress or damage.+

Many type of partial balayage on dark hair

If you are planning on trying partial balayage on dark hair, you may want to try a few different colors. One of the best colors to use on this type of hair is a blonde highlight; however, if you have pale blonde hair, then going with a deeper shade will give you the beautiful rich color you are after. Some people even choose to dye their hair completely blonde but this often makes the hair too light and brittle. The lighter your hair, the more likely it is to break easily. Balayage highlighting helps you achieve both: fullness without looking too blonde and full natural color without looking too dark.

If you have pale blonde hair, you may find that going with a darker shade gives you the beautiful look you are after. Using a dye that is close to your natural hair color, but not exactly the same as it, can create a very soft, subtle look that will not only compliment your natural hair color, but also brighten up your overall look. Many celebrities are opting for this look these days, especially those who do not dye their hair. If you are tired of having to dye your hair every week or two, or if you simply prefer to wear your hair in its true color, try a partial balayage on dark hair to add just the right amount of color and depth to your hair.

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