Rat Pest Control – How to Keep Rats Out of Your Home


Rat Pest Control

Safe Pest Control are opportunistic and adapt to almost any environment, infesting homes, agriculture, and food supplies. They are active at night, memorizing pathways and landmarks.

You can help by keeping the area around your home clean and reducing the supply of food, water and shelter. Store trash in rat-resistant containers and make sure lids are secure. Remove fallen fruit and keep bird feeders empty to avoid attracting rats. Trim bushes and vines that may hide or encourage entry into your home, and repair holes with materials that resist rodent gnawing.

Look for smudge marks along walls and in attics, which can indicate rats’ chewing activity. Also listen for gnawing sounds or signs of nesting in attics, such as tin cans, boxes, or wires. Watch for gnawed edges on packages, doors, windows, and baseboards.

Signs of a Rat Infestation: When to Call for Professional Pest Control

A professional pest control specialist can use traps or bait to manage a rat infestation. Traps have the advantage of killing a rat instantly, while baits require a rat to consume multiple doses before taking effect. Both can cause harm to pets and children, so you should consider humane methods for removing rats from your home. A professional can also install specialized materials that rodents can’t chew to block holes in your home’s foundation, roof, and siding. In addition, some specialists can seal up openings in your home’s exterior to prevent rat entry after the problem has been controlled. This add-on service can significantly increase your overall rat control cost.

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