Sports Bras – Protect Your Breasts From Sagging


We’ve all heard the saying, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’ when it comes to your health and fitness. And there’s no more important statement than this: wearing a supportive sports bra can mean the difference between healthy breast tissue and sagging and achy boobs.

What does sport bra do?

A good sports bra will support your breasts, minimize movement and wick away sweat. It should also be comfortable and fit snugly around your rib cage (not on your breasts), with a band that’s wide enough to keep it in place during a workout but not too tight.

Finding the right sports bra is no easy task. There is no standard industry standard for support, and there are different levels of impact based on the type of activity you do. Check this out :

For low impact, choose a bra with soft, supportive fabric like cotton and polyester blends that can wick away sweat. For medium impact, look for moisture-wicking fabrics that are more stretchy and lightweight such as CoolMax polyester and Lycra spandex blends.

When selecting a bra, try on different styles to see which one works best for you. It should be comfortable and feel snug at first, but it’s designed to relax and adapt to your shape as you wear it.

It’s especially helpful to try on sports bras that are made for your size. A sports bra that is too big will make you feel uncomfortable, and the band may ride up or fall out of position during exercise.

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