The Importance of Leak Detection in Buildings


We often hear Importance of Leak Detection in Buildings  how the infrastructure of the United States is falling apart at the seams, and one aspect of this crumbling is the country’s water pipes. Water leaks are a constant threat, and not just to people’s homes and businesses;

they can be a serious health concern for anyone living in a building where the water system is leaking. If the pipes that carry drinking water are leaking, contaminants from untreated raw sewage or chemicals can get into the water supply; the same goes for wastewater pipe leaks. Professional water leak detection can keep owners of commercial buildings, apartment complexes, and condos safe from these contaminants.

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There are a few main reasons to consider investing in an early water leak detection system for your building:

The Importance of Leak Detection in Buildings

A common sign of a leaking pipe is a high water bill or physical signs like puddles on the ground or moldy walls and ceilings. Water damage is expensive to fix, and if it goes undetected for too long it can lead to serious structural problems that will affect the integrity of the structure of your building.

In addition to causing property damage, water leaks can waste a huge amount of water and contribute to our growing world-wide water shortage. Water leaks also can make your building energy-inefficient, wasting money on heating or cooling costs. TSI’s advanced leak detection systems can identify the source of the water leaks and help you save money, improve energy efficiency, protect your building, conserve water, and add value to your property.

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