The Temporary Workers Agency in France


In France, the Temporary Workers Agency (TAW) is a legal entity that employs a variety of people for short-term assignments. These employees work in a range of fields, including retail, hospitality, and healthcare. Their primary role is to find vacancies and provide the necessary training. The TAW is not mandatory, but there are many exceptions. Some agencies do require a license before they can operate. Read More –

What Is a Temporary Workers Agency in France?

Licensed temporary workers agencies must register with the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MLE), and they must provide a financial guarantee. They must also send regular records of their activities to the relevant authorities. However, it is important to note that a TW agency should not undertake any other activities other than TAW. Currently, TW agencies are allowed to do job placement as a secondary activity, but a bill is currently being debated that would allow them to act as umbrella companies.

Despite the lack of effective campaigning for agency workers, their legal protection is high, which is comparable to that offered to permanent employees. The main challenge lies in how to apply the protections effectively. In addition, agency workers cannot organise because of their precarious status, and their lack of access to collective bargaining makes it difficult to enforce their rights. In France, there are few trade unions for temporary workers and none of them belong to the Movement of French Enterprises.

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