Choosing Credit Cards For Outdoor Adventures


When you’re preparing for a weekend camping trip or hiking in the mountains, the right credit card can help make your expeditions easier and more affordable. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trail-runner, these cards can provide the gear, cash back and perks that will enable you to conquer your next adventure.At this :

Do credit cards work outside your country?

When choosing a card for your outdoor adventures, consider which type of spending you do most often and how much money you spend on those activities. For example, if you typically do your shopping at a specific outdoor supplier, a co-branded credit card can offer the best return on your spending. But, if you spread your purchases around multiple outdoor retailers, you might do better with a general rewards or cash back card.

The Academy Sports + Outdoors credit card, issued by Synchrony Bank, is a great option for those who frequent the retailer and want to earn discounts and free shipping. However, the card is only worth getting if you do a majority of your outdoor shopping at this particular store.

Since Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops merged, they offer two distinct branded credit cards: the Cabela’s CLUB card and the Bass Pro Shops CLUB card. Both charge a $0 annual fee and allow you to redeem your rewards for gear from either retailer or at other outdoor-focused retailers. That said, if you aren’t hooked on these brands, you might fare better with a general cash back card.

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