Web Design Tips – How to Create a Site That’s Easy to Follow and Easy to Use


As the internet continues to grow and evolve, it becomes more important than ever for websites to be simple and easy to use. After all, users have shorter attention spans and are more likely to “bounce” if they’re faced with a site that’s visually overwhelming or difficult to navigate.

Here are a few of our favorite practical Web Design Booth tips to help you create a website that’s both easy on the eyes and easy to follow.

Keep the number of fonts to a minimum: While some projects may call for more elaborate font combinations, too many varied typefaces usually appear cluttered, distracting from your brand identity. Instead, try using a text theme to establish a clear hierarchy; for example, you can use font sizes and styles to ensure there’s always something drawing readers’ attention.

The Art of User Experience: Crafting Intuitive Interfaces in Web Design

Space out content: Employing white space (space between components) can give your design a much more spacious and well-balanced feel. In addition, it’s best to write in bite-sized paragraphs that are easy to read. And don’t forget to add images: high-quality media features such as beautiful photographs, vector art, and icons are effective alternatives to long blocks of text and can communicate your message more effectively.

Focus on your user base: Refer to analytics data to determine which devices visitors are most commonly using when designing your site, and prioritize these in your layout and navigation. This way, you can be sure that your site will work well on all of the devices most popular amongst your audience.

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